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Along with reporting on-air, I’m passionate about breaking news and telling stories on social media. Here’s how I use it…

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I use Facebook to chat with friends and the community about important “news you can use” stories and talkers, and I love to share places I’ve visited around the state! I also like using Facebook live to share live news conferences and breaking news updates, behind-the-scenes looks at what we’re up to on-air, and events Facebook friends might be interested in! Here’s a look:

I use Twitter to break news, share additional documents/photos from a story, and let people know what’s coming up on a newscast/what’s happening between newscasts. I don’t post empty teases. I love getting story ideas as a result of conversation on Twitter.

I typically use Instagram to share photos from off-air adventures, but I often use the “stories” feature to show what I’m working on that day or to tease a story I’m excited to share. Here are two “story posts” I used to preview a piece on a sitdown interview about school safety.