erica zucco | journalist

I'm Erica, a multiplatform journalist with a passion for solution-based, service journalism. I report, shoot, write, edit, podcast and produce stories about work, business and the economy, as well as general news and features. Currently I report live every morning for KENS 5 (CBS/TEGNA), host a podcast & TV series called Commerce Street and am a grad student studying public administration. Previously I worked as a reporter/anchor at KOB4 in Albuquerque and a researcher at NBC News/TODAY in NYC. You can scroll down to view recent stories or use the menu above to learn more about me and my work, find me on Twitter/Instagram or email me at Thanks for visiting!

business/tech reporting

Along with a decade of general assignment work, I have years of experience reporting and crafting business and technology stories from a consumer-focused lens. I'm interested in how our relationship with technology shapes us, and how the decisions made about platforms, data and algorithms impact how we live. My interest was first sparked while pitching and producing consumer segments for NBC's Weekend TODAY Show. As a reporter, I began localizing national stories, and I pitched and now host a business podcast. Here are clips from a few recent pieces, all of which I pitched, wrote, edited, and in some cases, shot. You can view more by scrolling down or clicking on "Business/Tech" above, or click on Podcast to hear clips from the Business/Tech podcast I host.

coronavirus coverage

Like every reporter across the nation, the pandemic dominated the past year's worth of news coverage- and it still does now. Daily, I've been reporting live for our morning show about rising cases, lives lost, overwhelmed hospitals and struggling small businesses. I've also crafted "week in review" segments aimed at providing context, perspective and a little hope, and I've specifically focused on pivoting businesses, economic impact and relief efforts for people out of work. The pandemic is still ongoing, but here are some of the live shots and stories I've worked on over the past year.

business/tech podcast

I currently report and host a podcast exploring ways business and technology shape our lives, and the impact of current events on Texas' economy. When the podcast began, we explored topics like how local small businesses can help prevent isolation and promote community; how a "digital library" meant new roles for librarians in shaping digital literacy; and how a city's "Office of Innovation" planned to use tech-driven solutions to reduce structural inequities. 2020 meant shifting gears to the impact of pandemic, from a solution-based perspective. Listen to a sample of clips here, or search for 'Commerce Street' wherever you listen to podcasts.

music features

My interest in journalism was first sparked by the movie 'Almost Famous,' and while I'm not exactly on tour with Stillwater, my days are mostly full of music and news. Every once in awhile, I get the chance to mix them together. Here, a love letter to Hill Country dance halls with photojournalist Mike Humphries; then, a piece on historic venue Floore's with Randy Rogers that I shot & edited solo- both are, pretty obviously, shot pre-pandemic. Third, a piece on the movement to "Save Our Stages" shot as closures began to crush local venues' bottom lines.